Jens Vagelpohl, on 2008-05-29:
> On May 29, 2008, at 04:19 , Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:
>> [1] 
> Ah, good resource, thanks for pointing that out.
> Thanks to everyone for the input. I'll go with putting the license  
> file right with the software instead of into a docs folder at the top  
> where resides. I find it more intuitive to have all  
> documentation where the software is, and leave the "egg scaffolding"  
> in a state where you don't have to touch anything "up high" once it's  
> working.

Suits me fine.  Anyone in favour of updating the ZopeSkel templates to
fit that pattern?  (Sorry, bit out of topic here on the cmf list as
there are no cmf skeletons there.  Care to add one? :-))

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