Am 17.07.2008 um 12:41 schrieb Laurence Rowe:

I'd be interested to hear what you are using this for (other than to redirect to the default view of the newly created object).

Not a lot if the truth be told apart from the fact that sometimes you might want to go to the metadata form, other times to an edit form and others straight to a public view.

This is the code in CMFDefault.formlib.form

    def nextURL(self):
        obj = self._added_obj
        fti = obj.getTypeInfo()

        message = translate(self.status, self.context)
        if isinstance(message, unicode):
            message = message.encode(self._getBrowserCharset())
        return '%s/%s?%s' % (obj.absolute_url(), fti.immediate_view,

I hope I'm not confusing "initial" and "immediate" views!

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