Charlie Clark wrote:
Am 14.07.2008 um 12:37 schrieb yuppie:

Add links are just special 'actions', they should be integrated with CMF's action machinery. Based on the information in the type infos we should be able to create normal IActionInfo objects. (IActionInfo defines the non-persistent wrapper around actions, today we would use adapters to implement this.)

If we don't want to use a convention, we need a new property. And if we want to be flexible enough to add the portal type name to the query, a TALES expression for the URL wouldn't be overkill.

Works for me - would this be something like the "initial view" for types?

Actually, that's interesting... what purpose does 'initial view' serve in a world with add forms?

Should we re-purpose this slightly to make it provide the add form view URL?


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