Hi Charlie,

> Is there an easy to way to setup a project buildout based  
> on CMF? I've tried various combinations of the following:
> [buildout]
> extends =  
> http://svn.zope.org/*checkout*/CMF.buildout/branches/zope212-cmf22/buildout.cfg
> versions = versions
> parts = parts
> eggs = eggs
> But there must be something in the URL that causes buildout to choke on an  
> IOError. Other URLs work fine so maybe it's just the
> extends = src/Zope2/versions.cfg

For the "extends = src/Zope2/versions.cfg" line to work you must have a Zope 2 
checkout in src/Zope2 *before* you attempt run the buildout. CMF.buildout does 
this using svn:externals, so you may not have those in your own buildout.

I would never extend those convenience buildouts for my own projects, there is 
no maintenance or correctness guarantee on them. They are just a developer 
convenience, not a blueprint for a production buildout. I would either just use 
it as inspiration for a buildout configuration done from scratch, or copy it 
and then adjust as necessary.

By the way, don't use URLs that use the ViewVC "checkout" magic. That's an 
unnecessary detour when you can use straight HTTP repository access. The URL 
above would translate to this direct URL:



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