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Add sentry logging with raven to the sites. Trigger an exception in both
sites. With sentry you can not only see the traceback, but check the local
variable of each frame. You can do the same with pdb of course but not so
easily side by side to see where the local vars start to differ.
I can give you access to my sentry server to send the logs to.

thanks for the tip. I've got Sentry and Raven running and reporting but I'm afraid I still can't see the difference. The posted form looks indentical in both cases. I can only assume that, as you first suggested, there is a difference lower down the stack which is causing one instance to decode the URL-encoded form to unicode and the other to encode it as UTF-8. How can I check this? locale.getdefaultlocale() reports ('de_DE', 'UTF8') for both.

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