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> Hi Patrick,
> Am 30.11.2012, 09:50 Uhr, schrieb Patrick Gerken <do3cc...@googlemail.com
> >:
>  Add sentry logging with raven to the sites. Trigger an exception in both
>> sites. With sentry you can not only see the traceback, but check the local
>> variable of each frame. You can do the same with pdb of course but not so
>> easily side by side to see where the local vars start to differ.
>> I can give you access to my sentry server to send the logs to.
> thanks for the tip. I've got Sentry and Raven running and reporting but
> I'm afraid I still can't see the difference. The posted form looks
> indentical in both cases. I can only assume that, as you first suggested,
> there is a difference lower down the stack which is causing one instance to
> decode the URL-encoded form to unicode and the other to encode it as UTF-8.
> How can I check this? locale.getdefaultlocale() reports ('de_DE', 'UTF8')
> for both.

I don't understand why you see no difference in the stacktrace, but a
difference with pdb in the end. Doesn't one instance show that the input is
a string and the other that its unicode?
Do you see this until you extract it first from the request object?

You are not having one form saying fieldname:string and the other just
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