> for functions, you can do something like > select my_function_result(<dtml-sqlvar myparam>) from dual
> (assuming your function returns a scalar of some kind.)/

Thank you. I think that 'dual' will solve few my problems. I'm not an oracle developer so I didn't know about this method. Really strange for me - it was so easy in Sybase or Postgres to get values from functions (not only scalars).

   /> for procedures, you can do the DCOracle2 Stored Procedure (might be
    > called ZOracleDA Stored Procedure in your install...)

I don't want to use these procedures beacause they are specific to DCOracle2 driver only, so when I'll want to move to SQLRelay for example it will be not possible to transfer it easily. We have some problems with our DBConnections and DCOracle2 is suspected and more: there were problems with installing DCOracle2 on Mainframe machine, so I want to test SQLRelay.

   /> ultimately, we had no choice to move all our db access out into
    > ExternalMethods or Products and use DCOracle2 directly. This does
    > require constructing your own connection pool/management, but once
    > you've built that you can leverage DCOracle2 directly in python
   and this
    > provides much more flexibility.

Yes... maybe writing own product will be a good idea.

   /> hth
    > Jim


-- Maciej
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