Chris Withers wrote:
> M.-A. Lemburg wrote:
>>> This is a no-go if your Oracle people go "huh? ODBC? that's deprecated
>>> rubbish and you ain't using it" ;-)
>> Depends on what people you're talking to, I guess...
> Oracle DBA's who know a helluva lot more than me about Oracle ;-)
> Why are they saying ODBC is deprecated? Is it? Is ADO the way to go
> here? (as you can tell, I'm fairly clueless when it comes to MS ways
> into Oracle ;-) )

Not sure why they think that ODBC is deprecated - Oracle
is happily working on their ODBC driver and it's one
of the best bets you can find out there:

The only thing that's deprecated in the context of ODBC
and Oracle is the MS Oracle driver - at least that's
how things currently look (you never know with MS vs.
Oracle, e.g. they just published a new .NET provider

Note that ADO is just a layer on top of OLE DB and/or
ODBC and makes programming a bit easier for C++ apps
and the like. It doesn't really buy you anything
when used from Python - just adds one more layer to
worry about :-)

See the MS MDAC roadmap for more details:

It is interesting to see things like e.g. DAO which was
en vogue a few years ago being listed as obsolete data
access technology.

>> BTW, would calling it mxOracle Zope DA help ? (just
>> testing waters here ;-)
> Sadly, not in the slightest. For me, only normal oracle listeners will
> ever be available :-(

Would a native Oracle interface help ?

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