M.-A. Lemburg wrote:
Huh? I think you need to provide a little more information there...

Sorry, I meant that the "native Oracle interface" is not DCOracle2,
hinting that at the project I mentioned below.

right, but DCOracle2 is *A* native oracle interface, right?

We're considering working on one of these. It is not clear
yet whether we'd just hook up on one of the existing
Oracle interfaces or invent our own.

Tell me more :-)

Nothing much to tell yet - we're currently busy with other products, but the above idea is in the queue.

How will it be different to DCOracle2 and how far along with it are you?
I have imminently in my stack fixing a number of DCOracle2 issues and getting a release or three out, and if I don't need to do that, I'd like to know now ;-)



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