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> > Yes. ZPsycopgDA can be under the ZPL because the ZPL is GPL-compatible.
> > But if you directly include GPL'ed code you must use GPL.
> >   
> OK. Thanks for the answer. One more question.
> If I'll create application using ZPsycopgDA which
> is ZPL (but ZPsycopgDA uses psycopg which is GPL),
> then does my application have to be GPL too?

I've seen infinite discussions about what a "mere aggregate" is and if
using a standard API from an interpreted programming language is linking
or not. psycopg2 is under the GPL so if you derive an adapter from it it
should be under the GPL too. If you derive from ZPsycopgDA or write an
app that used ZPysocpgDA you can go with anuthing compatible with the
ZPL. Being the copyright holder for both I can choose any combination of
licenses and by saying that ZPsycopgDA is (also) ZPL even if it calls
psycopg that is GPL-only I suppose I am making a clear statement about
what you can or can't do.

> Can I submit this issue somewhere (AFAIK there
> is no bugtracker at or this e-mail
> is enough?

Please use our tracker at

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