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Andreas Jung wrote at 2007-3-25 17:49 +0200:
In the Zope 2 worlds we have dedicated database adapters
for different databases. Fortunately the Python world made us a
wonderful present called SQLAlchemy that abstracts the different
databases. In the Zope world we have some wrappers like
z3c.zalchemy and z3c.sqlalchemy... basically they deal with connection
handling, mapper handling and integration with the Zope transaction
system. Would it make sense to replace all different Zope DAs with
a generic DA on top of one of the z3c.* wrappers? I think it would not
be too hard to write such a DA...or am I missing something? Thoughts?

As I think I know you a bit, I would expect that you also want
to deprecate the current support and get rid of it altogether
within a year.

My posting says *nothing* about deprecating something. So __please__
stop reading between the lines when there is nothing - except whitespaces.

This would get an even greater desaster than the tried removal of "zLOG":
huge amounts of applications would stop to work -- and many people
would stop to use new Zope releases.

Otherwise, I would not object against an *additional* SQLAlchemy based

That's *exactly* what I am talking about - an *additional* generic DA
on top of SA  where we don't have to care about the different RDBMS
flavours - at least not the ones directly supported through SA.


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