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My posting says *nothing* about deprecating something. So __please__
stop reading between the lines when there is nothing - except
But you said about *replacing* all different zope DAs. So I think
it is not reading between lines.

Well you know that Zope does not skip with any DA (except the one
for Gadyfly). So I am not in the position to replace anything in the Zope
core that does not exist :-) Especially I am not in the position to
replace any third-party products. So my whole posting has absolutely
nothing to with the Zope core. I am just trying to collect feedback - good
or bad - for a such a project  - *totally independent* of the Zope 2 core.
I hope this was clear enough - even for Dieter.

I agree that this kind of adapter (as additional one) is a nice idea :)


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