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>Robin Becker wrote:
>[stuff about 2.2]
>You can't create any objects except User Objects as the superuser.
>Create a manager, re-login as that manager and then add yoru objects.
>Can't speak for TinyTables but make sure the Anonymous role has the
>'access TinyTables contents' permission. A lot of people get bitten by
>this when installign Squishdot 'cos Anonymous does not have this
>permission by default...
What kind of idiotic permissions model is this where God cannot create
anything? What is the function of the super user if not to manage?

Seems to be specially designed for bureaucrats, lawyers and politicians.

I have already added the query tinytables back to anonymous. This still
doesn't answer my question. How do I get a zope 2 database to work under
2.2? Do I have to try and reread all the non-existent documentation? 

What parts of the awful API have been further corrupted? The Zope
noospheric habitat seems ripe for take-over by rationalists :) 
Robin Becker

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