Robin Becker wrote:
> What kind of idiotic permissions model is this where God cannot create
> anything? What is the function of the super user if not to manage?

The super user is not god, that was seen to be an insecure thing.
The super user is a facilitator for creating god... ;-)

> Seems to be specially designed for bureaucrats, lawyers and politicians.

Actually, it's more to thwart little script kiddie hackers...

> I have already added the query tinytables back to anonymous. This still
> doesn't answer my question. How do I get a zope 2 database to work under
> 2.2? 

Might help if you said what problems you were experiencing...

Basic steps I would try are either:
-just bring the data.fs from you 2.1 install and replace the blank one
in the 2.2 with a *copy* of it..
-export stuff, as required, from you old install and move it into your
new one...

> Do I have to try and reread all the non-existent documentation?


...maybe when you solve your problem you could write some documentation
on how to solve similar ones?


> What parts of the awful API have been further corrupted? The Zope
> noospheric habitat seems ripe for take-over by rationalists :)

Well, you don't have to use Zope...



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