On Tue, Sep 19, 2000 at 09:00:03AM -0400, Paul Everitt wrote:
> > * You can create the layout with any XML-compliant editor; if
> > the template is xHTML, you can use a XHTML-compliant WYSIWYG
> > tool. Or, thanks to the modern XML technology, you can use a
> > WYSIWYG HTML tool and pass it trough a SGML->XML filter to get
> > xHTML.
> Right, though our real goal was to make it work with existing, here-now
> HTML tools like Dreamweaver and GoLive.

If the library can handle SGML, fine. I don't know what is the
status of the 4Thought/DC stuff, I was thinking of using
xml.dom.utils in the meanwhile - and it supports HTML and SGML,
but it has to be reasonably well-formed (yesterday it barfed on
a few files I had locally which display normally on a browser).

> > * The template looks like the rendered page; if you don't want
> > to fire up Zope, or if the application logic is not yet
> > finished, you can preview the layout by simply loading the
> > template in a browser.
> I think this is going to be the breakthrough over all other approaches
> out there.  Allowing sample data (your "dummy" attribute) is huge.

That idea was Luciano's (*) and I agree, this is what made me
jump in the project.

(*) Luciano Ramalho is the kind-of-infomally-CEO of Hiperlogica

> The downsides I see to using template;
>   o Word processors like Word have a different usage of template.

Not very different. You start from a template and edit it with
the data you want. HDom does just that, but automatically.

>   o The W3C uses "stylesheet" to cover activity in the presentation/view
> tier.

But these are a different kind of activity. In most practical
applications there will probably be a template _and_ a

> > These goals are similar, but not identical to the ones in the
> > proposal. Still, some parts of the proposal felt like extracted
> > rigth out of my mind :-)
> Actually they are identical.  If my wording wasn't clear I need to
> change it.

On the first read, I thought the order of the priorities was
not the same. Now I'm not so sure.

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