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> Oh, yuck!  Now we have to explain why PythonScript is safe, and JavaScript
> sucks rocks (from a security standpoint).  And from common web convention,
> it would appear that PythonScript would run on the client side, rather
> than the server side.  Since the -let suffix appears to have taken on
> a server side connotation, perhaps that can be used.
> Python Function is not quite right, as it is fairly common (for me, at
> least) to define some helper functions in a Python Method.  But it is
> better than Python Script.
> So, I guess my preferences would be:
> PythonSafeScriptlet
> PythonScriptlet
> PythonSafeScript
> PythonSafeFunction
> PythonFunction
> PythonBundle
> PythonMethod
> PythonScript
> in descending order of preference.

My prefs are.

Python Op(s).

Which can be short for Python Operation(s) or Python Operative(s) (like

ThroughTheWeb ops can then be Python Safe Ops
and those secretive unsecured External Methods could be Python Black Ops.

All kidding aside, Op gets my nod for a name.  (and PerlOp sounds close
enough to Plop to remind us all of Beavis and Butthead.)

I think Function and Script suffer from a similar problem that Method does
-- depending on the context, they mean different things.  The phrase "Why
don't you just write a Python script to do that?"  or "...Python function"
could mean in either case adding an object to Zope, or writing some Python
on the file system that may or may not have anything to do with Zope.

If we want to use Script or Method or Function, we need to drop Python from
the title and rename that side of the name (from ZPython to ZopePython...
but I'm not terribly fond of either of those).  The problem here is that
we'd have to do a similar thing for Perl.

Bundles sound like Jars in Java - like you're getting\using a collection of
services bundled together, but can potentially be individually extracted.

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