> I can see four potential properties that one could want to emphasize
> about a python method.
> 1) It is safer (to the Zope server) than a python external method.
> 2) It safer to the end user than a JavaScript (it never touches the client).
> 3) It uses python, and not something else as its implementation technique.
> 4) In OO terms, it is not really a Method.

Good points :-)

> Hence the preference for Safe in the name.  Even a newbie ought not to
> be able to cut himself too badly on a python method.

I dunno...

> descriptive.  Widget has technical meaning.  Perhaps task or job are
> suitable, as in
> Safe Python Task
> Safe Python Job

Nah, they have too many cron-esque associations. Sounds like things to
be found on a to-do list on in a schedule of some sort.

> Safe Python Subtask


> Then external methods, which are often also not methods, can become
> Flexible Python Task

Well, felxible doesn't really explain a lot. Filesystem is probably the
most explicit.

I dunno, I actually like Jeff's suggestion of Operation giving you:

PythonMethod    ->     Python Operation
External Method ->     Filesystem Python Operation

The same could also apply to DTML and Perl Methods. A nice side effect
is that you could have Filesystem DTML Operation replace those horribly
named HTML File objects you get when use grab your DTML out of .dtml
files on disk. Especially as they bypass all known security ;-)



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