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> Now we just need a generic term, which will not cause other confusions
> later on down the road for the concept.  I really don't like script,
> especially next to a language name (in the web domain).  You don't like
> function (which was not my suggestion).  Thingie seems a bit too non-
> descriptive.  Widget has technical meaning.  Perhaps task or job are
> suitable, as in
> Safe Python Task
> Safe Python Job
> Safe Python Subtask
> Safe Python Function
> Safe Python Script
> Then external methods, which are often also not methods, can become
> Flexible Python Task
> Flexible Python Job
> Flexible Python Subtask
> Flexible Python Function
> Flexible Python Script
> But if you really want to use
> Tame Snake Thingy, and
> Wild Snake Thingy,
> go ahead, but please do not credit me in the documentation!

Well they'll all go on the list of candidates!  Thanks for your input, I
kinda like task...
> As another obesrvation, substituting script for method is not really all
> that helpful for the other (misnamed) method, DTML Method.
> DTML Script is just not all that much clearer!

Rumor has it DTML Methods are going to be renamed to "DTML Template" or
something like that.

Keep in mind also that we are moving towards a new architecture with
"Documents" and "Templates" (ala HyperDOM).  I think Scripts fits right
in there:

Documents, Templates and Scripts


Documents, Templates and Methods



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