> I've just updated to 2.3.0 release using CVS. My CSS serving has
> subsequently broken. The CSS serving worked fine with the CVS code from
> 2.3.0b2. I didn't get to check b3 - we had a public holiday on Friday and
> that meant that the one working day assigned to the b3 release was lost to
> me (and _most_ other Australians). Anyway, that's a separate issue ...
> (...)
> Under Netscape (versions 4.72 -> 4.75), a 'back button' request results in
> a truncated plain-text display of the CSS that is linked from the page. The
> zope server log shows the request as being successfully served. I telnet'ed
> to the server and requested the CSS manually, and the headers all look
> fine. A packet sniffer seems to say that all is well.
> (...)
> Now for the fun: this only happens for local requests - someone requesting
> the same pages over the ethernet will get them fine. Only Netscape and only
> locally. Konqueror locally works fine.
> (...)
> Again, this was not a problem pre 2.3.0 b3 / release...
>        Richard


    Nope, this is not only a problem of 2.3.0. I have had the same issue in all
of the 2.3.0x Zope versions, and the problem is not really Zope but Netscape

    For me, the trouble arises once in a while and specially when I start doing
page reloads quickly. It seems that, when Zope starts serving the document,
Netscape asks for the stylesheet file almost instantly (because it is inside
the HTML's header) and then a sort of synchronizing error happens. When you are
at the local machine the delay between the document requests is larger so the
problem is less frequent.

    I have never seen the problem under Netscape 6 or Mozilla. I don't know to
what extent this could be Zope's fault.


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