> I've just updated to 2.3.0 release using CVS. My CSS serving has
> subsequently broken. The CSS serving worked fine with the CVS code from
> 2.3.0b2. I didn't get to check b3 - we had a public holiday on Friday and
> that meant that the one working day assigned to the b3 release was lost to
> me (and _most_ other Australians). Anyway, that's a separate issue ...
> I've done a diff against the CVS as of last Tuesday, but I can't see an
> obvious place where the Zope code has changed to make the CSS serving fail.
> Under Netscape (versions 4.72 -> 4.75), a 'back button' request results in
> a truncated plain-text display of the CSS that is linked from the page. The
> zope server log shows the request as being successfully served. I telnet'ed
> to the server and requested the CSS manually, and the headers all look
> fine. A packet sniffer seems to say that all is well.
> Now for the fun: this only happens for local requests - someone requesting
> the same pages over the ethernet will get them fine. Only Netscape and only
> locally. Konqueror locally works fine.

I can confirm this type of bug with Netscape. For more fun; if you're
serving Zope behind Apache (at least using PCGI) the bug does not occur.
I've seen this for far older versions of Zope too; I've run into this
type of netscape/ZServer weirdness in earlier 2.2.x versions at least.
So I suspect this is not a new bug. Not sure if it's Zope or Netscape
that's doing something wrong, either.

> Again, this was not a problem pre 2.3.0 b3 / release...

Again, I think it was -- I've seen it before. 



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