Pablo Bleyer Kocik wrote:
>     Nope, this is not only a problem of 2.3.0. I have had the same issue in all
> of the 2.3.0x Zope versions, and the problem is not really Zope but Netscape
> 4.X.
>     For me, the trouble arises once in a while and specially when I start doing
> page reloads quickly. It seems that, when Zope starts serving the document,
> Netscape asks for the stylesheet file almost instantly (because it is inside
> the HTML's header) and then a sort of synchronizing error happens. When you are
> at the local machine the delay between the document requests is larger so the
> problem is less frequent.
>     I have never seen the problem under Netscape 6 or Mozilla. I don't know to
> what extent this could be Zope's fault.

   Thanks for this excellent responses. We'll now be writing something that
parses and replaces the CSS <link> with the CSS source for the Mozilla/4


ps. sorry for besmirching the good name of 2.3.0 :)
pps. my original comment about the extremely short b3 release still stands

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