* The Doctor What ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) [010419 11:57]:
> Does any one have an example of ZSQL being used witha normalized
> database?  Or is ZSQL just useless?
> Near as I can tell, between:
> * Broken type marshalling
> * Loosing the variable between the form and dtml-if
> * Inability to handle table.field names for variables
> * And enough flexibility to work around the above problems
> This makes ZSQL extreamely nasty, and impossible to use with a
> normalized database.
> What's the point?  ZSQL sucks, how do I talk to the DB directly?
> Yeah, I keep almost getting this to be useful.  But damn it if I
> don't keep hitting a brick wall.  And there are no complete examples
> or demos that I can find to load up.
> Irritatedly yours,
>         DocWhat

I would like to apologize for being particularly pissy.  Things are
quite as bad as I say up there...

My third point is only half true.  I can have SQLTEST specify a
column name (aka a field):
<dtml-sqltest somevarname column="SQLTABLE.sqlfield" type...>

This makes things work MUCH better.  So there are work arounds.  But
this doesn't excuse this not working:
SELECT  table.field1, table.field2 FROM ....

and then:
<dtml-var name="table.field1">  <--doesn't work
<dtml-var name="field1"> <-- does work

I know that the '.' has a special meaning, but there should be ways
around this if the use wants.

I still would love some examples.  Do people end up with 4 ZSQL
objects per thing they manipulate in their database?:
UPDATE, SELECT, INSERT and DELETE?  Or do they mix them somehow?


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