* Casey Duncan ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) [010419 17:45]:
> Reason: foo=0 is actually foo='0'. foo:int=0 should work like you want.

Same behaviour.  I opened a bug in the collector a while ago about

A related bug:

> This is a function of your field naming convention more than anything.
> Granted you don't always have control over that. I am surprised that
> name="spam.eggs" doesn't work on sqltests (it works everywhere else).
> Are you explicitly saying name="..."? that could be the problem, bare
> quoting assumes expr="..." where periods are significant.

It works with sqltest, actually.  But since a lot of people have
examples of chaining the namespaces, this breaks that and adds more
work since you can't alias (via AS) to dotted names.

> > Can I use them from a python script?  If not, what's the point?  I
> > mean: External methods are nice to have when you have *no other
> > choice*, but they aren't something I'd want to debug and deal with
> > for object.
> Python scripts are quite helpful for calling ZSQL methods. Just remember
> to pass REQUEST or the arguments explicitly.

Yeah, I like that, but it's still not perfect, and the docs are
incomplete and scattered.  We need a system to pull together like
documents at zope.org


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