> Thanks.  So I'm still having trouble.  I can't get any of the list
> examples to work.
> I build a select multiple list, and then try to dtml-in on it.  It
> doesn't seem to work.  REQUEST shows in it th other and form
> namespaces, as a list, but I can't actually dtml-var it or anything.
> Example:
> q<dtml-var dalist>p
> <br>
> <dtml-in VirtualRootPhysicalPath>
> d<dtml-var sequence-item>b
> </dtml-in>
> <hr>
> <dtml-var REQUEST>
> If you call this with this URL (substitute as needed):
> Which is the URL pattern formed by a <SELECT name="dalist:list"
> multiple>....
> Then you get errors on dalist.  The examples at
> http://www.zope.org/Members/AlexR/SelectionLists
> Don't work as exactl above.
> Help?

My problem. I decoded the %0D and %0A (newline and space) and
figured out that I foo-barred a bit of code.  I'm happy again.  It
works great with only the %3A.  It *is* weird that it looked correct
on the REQUEST output. :-S

Thanks anyway.


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