> > most problems with hanging zope come from external RDBMS-access.
> Lots do, but lots don't...
> > You wont see anything useful in the logs because there are
> > some objects published before the *sql-method is hanging.
> If you see a request come into ZServer, and you see the request go into
> ZPublisher from ZServer, but ZPublisher never returns any data to ZServer,
> that's an indication that something is wrong.  A SQL method hanging would
> look like this, it's the same thing as any other Zope component hanging.
> The "big-M" log is your friend, even in this case.  As a matter of fact,
> it's *especially* your friend in this case because it will be patterned
> against one or a few methods, which is an easy problem to track down.

Well, my problem might be that in my case most sql statement are done inside
some attribute provider of ZPatterns.. This is using ZSQL methods internally
but actually those then won't show up I guess..

I've also seen that some more recent version of the mysql stuff is around
and I am using this now..

The problem's also that I just have a few methods to invoke from the outside
which do lots of things by calling other object. Thus I might not really see
what's really causing the problem.. I hope though that my upgrade will show some
(strangely on my development server these problems did not arise.. might have
to check for any differences between the two..)

I will keep cheking the -M anyway (as it seems all I can do..  ;-)


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