> Well, my problem might be that in my case most sql statement are done
> some attribute provider of ZPatterns.. This is using ZSQL methods
> but actually those then won't show up I guess..

Even if you weren't using ZPatterns, the error probably wouldn't jump out
and say "here I am!"  So I don't think there's much difference between using
ZPatterns and not using ZPatterns.  The process of detecting when something
hangs is just like any other troubleshooting process, it's a matter of
exclusion.  If you notice that the request named "foobargorf/fleafang"
*always* hangs, you investigate what it does, and try to reproduce it.  If
it's incidental, so be it, and move on to the next theory.

> I've also seen that some more recent version of the mysql stuff is around
> and I am using this now..
> The problem's also that I just have a few methods to invoke from the
> which do lots of things by calling other object. Thus I might not really
> what's really causing the problem.. I hope though that my upgrade will
show some
> benefit..

The -M log perhaps won't show you the actual operation that's causing the
hang, but it will show you the entry point into a routine which causes the
hang.  It's your job from there to track down the cause.  This is just like
debugging a program.  You get an error somewhere, and you need to track it
back to its root, which may be six levels up the call stack buried in some
godforsaken regex.  ;-)

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