Just FYI: The server still hangs once a day and another one is doing
the same.. 
It even does this when simply accessing one page or image over and over
More precisely I've started the server and did

ab -n 100000 -c 10 http://foo.bar/we/pics/someimg.gif

(ab being the apache benchmarking utility)

and after a while I get the broken pipe error.

I've also changed my python version to 2.0 and tested it with this
but still the same effect. Also changing the server (and thus
hardware and system) did not help it.
I've also removed the mysqlda from the zope installation but also this
did not help.. 
I will try now to create the smallest version of the site that still hangs..

Dunno if anybody has some idea, I actually have none.. 

I'll keep you informed..

-- christian

PS: strangely it works on the development server but also here I am doing 
some tests with ab right now.. and this one is still 1.5.2

On Thu, May 03, 2001 at 02:16:30PM -0400, Chris McDonough wrote:
> > Well, my problem might be that in my case most sql statement are done
> inside
> > some attribute provider of ZPatterns.. This is using ZSQL methods
> internally
> > but actually those then won't show up I guess..
> Even if you weren't using ZPatterns, the error probably wouldn't jump out
> and say "here I am!"  So I don't think there's much difference between using
> ZPatterns and not using ZPatterns.  The process of detecting when something
> hangs is just like any other troubleshooting process, it's a matter of
> exclusion.  If you notice that the request named "foobargorf/fleafang"
> *always* hangs, you investigate what it does, and try to reproduce it.  If
> it's incidental, so be it, and move on to the next theory.
> >
> > I've also seen that some more recent version of the mysql stuff is around
> > and I am using this now..
> >
> > The problem's also that I just have a few methods to invoke from the
> outside
> > which do lots of things by calling other object. Thus I might not really
> see
> > what's really causing the problem.. I hope though that my upgrade will
> show some
> > benefit..
> The -M log perhaps won't show you the actual operation that's causing the
> hang, but it will show you the entry point into a routine which causes the
> hang.  It's your job from there to track down the cause.  This is just like
> debugging a program.  You get an error somewhere, and you need to track it
> back to its root, which may be six levels up the call stack buried in some
> godforsaken regex.  ;-)

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