sorry if I have not reacted to a questions for assistance in the realm of
i18n. I must have missed them.
I rarely go to EuroZope since this site seems badly maintained.

However I really would like to help with the internationalization of Zope
since most of what we do here a my company must be multilingual.
I do have considerable experience making programs "translatable" and I did a
multilanguage CMF (with which I never was really happy)
Some 6 Months ago I started to collect what is there regarding i18n and
Zope. I did get a sizable number of answers. However there where two rather
unfortunate tendencies:
- multiple, different and incompatible attempts from "our" side
- missing involvement and therefore no "shepherding" from ZC's side

If, as Paul assures, the second point is about to be rectified it might be
now the time to do a second such compilation and then start "doing" it.


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> > > The second is pretty exciting as well.  I saw a presentation in Paris
> > > Juan David Palomar, of Localizer fame.  (The presentation is now up at
> > >  The presentation impressed
> > > on the need to get someone into the core of Zope that knows all these
> > > details, but also convinced me that the Zope3 effort needs to
> > > the needs of i18n and l10n.
> >
> > > ZBabel and Localizer are good starts, but as jdavid says, both should
> > > thought of as non-core projects that start influencing the core
> > > step-by-step.
> >
> > Hi!
> >
> > I fully agree that ZBabel and Localizer don't have to be core projects
> right
> > now. But the core must be made fit for i18n to make sure that we don't
> have
> > to patch things like the user folder implementation or the Help! button
> > the code. In Zopw 2.5, there still seem to be "hot spots" to fix with
> regard
> > to i18n.
> Of course there are hot spots. I have asked multiple times for help on the
> mailing
> lists and the Eurozope site to identify such related hot spots.
> Also I had expect some input of the community regarding at unicode support
> inside Zope. But there has been no feedback. It looks like no one needs
> unicode
> support in Zope ?! :-) Anyway, as a first step Zope 2.5 provides full
> unicode
> support for the ZCatalog. I would like to see some volunteers that could
> help
> to set up a list of requirements (the list is almost there on the Eurozope
> site
> I think) and possible solutions that could be integrated into the Zope
> Referring to the "open letter to zope-dev" I could also charge the
> for zero feedback. But this is not the place and time for flamewars.
> we should bundle the power of ZC and the community. The opening of the CVS
> is a good starting point but I would like to see more people contributing.
> Cheers,
> Andreas

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