> It is the people who are in the trenches who are increasingly being
> disaffected by Zope Corp, it seems as if you're not subscribed to
> zope-dev, you have no voice, and for most people zope-dev is not an
> appropriate forum for them to be subscribed to.

This reminds me of the story, Swimmy by Leo Leonni

. Do you know the story? Now that I've finished the Cisco Academy, I move on to my Oracle training. I plan on using Zope with Oracle, but I'm looking at the fact that oracle has a J2EE Web application server. Why am I using Zope with Oracle again?
My impression has been that the elite private "school" zopers have created some fancy terms and algorithms, and have forgotton to be practical. Yeah, it's cool what I *think* Zope can do, and what it's gonna do in the future.
Some say Zope needs 10x growth for next year, but I envision 80x growth. I see Zope hanging from the rearview mirror of some VW, or some kid using it, because it also comes with a cool clicker for his bicycle.

I think the most beautiful thing next to my wife and kids has got to be Zope 2.5b1. I do enjoy those that sweat the details, but just the sight of Zope with Page templates and session tracking, with example folders that work on win98.... Please, I'm in heaven. I see Zope at 100x, because it should be a standard anyway.

I know why I'm using it, and I happen to like the school of Zope fish.

Now, go read Swimmy if you haven't. It's *Required* reading in the school I'm from.

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