On Fri, Mar 01, 2002 at 07:53:35AM -0500, Paul Everitt wrote:
> A gentle reminder on some of the posts in this thread.  Please don't 
> respond with "I'd really like <some good idea>."  Respond with "I'm 
> willing to do the work for <some good idea>."  That's part of the point 
> with Brian's note.
> You don't _have_ to do the code work.  If you write up the docs for 
> <some good idea>, you've likely done most of the work.
> --Paul

Hmm ... there was a post on the zope users list concerning logouts from ZMI,
and i think that is a thing that could be *really* better (cookie login with a nice 
form or so)
and i would like to contribute but am not sure if i am able to do the implementation 

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