If you're looking for a group that understands UI and HTML, check out
www.37signals.com. They do excellent UI and design work that looks
simple, clean, and slick. They're expensive, but I wouldn't be
surprised if they donated their work just to say they designed Zope
3's UI, that would be a huge thing to put on their resume.

I agree with the posts here that 3.0 should use all the technology
available to it (CSS2+, XHTML, etc). It's frustrating to design for
Netscape 4 and time people upgraded. I've personally stopped designing
for NS4 altogether.

Furthermore, will this design bleed over into the CMF? If I recall
correctly, CMF is going to be built into Zope3. A new default theme
for CMF would be nice.


Friday, April 5, 2002, 9:29:04 AM, you wrote:

AL> From: "Casey Duncan" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

>> In light of that, I would like to see a ZMI skin that is fully xhtml 1.0
>> compliant, and uses CSS2 to its full extend, and possibly some CSS3. To
>> me that means that one could develop the html coding completely devoid
>> of presentation (no tables used for formatting, etc). I would also like
>> to avoid using images for this skin unless they convey some meaning
>> (such as icons) or otherwise enhance the useability. IOW, no shims,
>> rounded corners, etc.

AL> This is *exactly* what Plone does now. Every widget and tab is controlled
AL> and made exclusively with CSS. No graphics involved. (well, the icons of
AL> course, but... ;)

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