Am Don, 2002-09-26 um 18.47 schrieb Arnar Lundesgaard:
> > what do you mean by "inserted into the form"?
> Put there by the dtml-method in a dtml-var statement.
I can second this. With CVS-Zope (did the last cvs up this moment)
I'm getting a very curios thing:
Displaying .../index_html is ok.
return context.index_html(context,request)
creates broken characters instead is isolatin1 Umlaute.
In my case (Konqueror on Linux) it seems that the
text/html;charset=UTF-8 breaks the page because the byte values are
correct for the "Umlaute". This is further confirmed by the fact that
forcing Konq to display iso8859-1 fixes the display.

So how are these Unicode changes supposed to work? Are non-ascii
characters forbidden now? And how do I get UTF-8 text into Zope?

While I'm quite sure that this will help Zope in the Asiatic region, it
seems quite inconvienent for isolatin1 world :(

> > That the response contains a single byte where you properties 
> > contain character whose unicode value is greater than 127 ? 
> Yes
> > how have you checked this? if so, thats a bug.
> In a Hex editor...
> The character '' for instance is inserted as '0xE6' in the
> returned HTML. 
The same here with Umlaute, ...

I've used wget and less <result to verify that the umlaute display

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