> On Friday 20 June 2003 01:19 am, Jean Jordaan wrote:
> > There's only one possible way! A-A-P! (A good match for Ape, Shane ;)
> > It's a replacement for make by Bram Moolenaar, the author of Vim, and
> > it looks like it does a lot of things Right.
> Sorry, I haven't really been paying attention so this might be completely OT. 
> It *sounds* like it's being suggested that we replace "make" (given the above 
> statement). Has anyone used SCons? http://www.scons.org/
>     Richard

I think the default Zope install should not have dependencies other
than that Python is required and the user has some shell system
(bash/sh/MS batchfiles). 

On the other hand some packages (such as my zopetest, or other
rpm-alike things), may require other things.  I like A-A-P, because
I think that would make my installerfiles much cleaner.  Aap has
integrated support to fail if a program returns an error, which
isn't the case for shell scripts. Make also has error support and
can be used to define 'modules'/'tasks' but it's terrible to create
something similar to
in Makefiles.

I'm trying to create a product that would build Zope sandboxes with
various products (CMF, Plone, Zwiki, etc). That's a different type
of requirement than ZC building a production stable Zope. I think
it's a basic "seperation of concerns" issue. The Zope install should
facilitate users, and packagers to install a Zope instance. Other
Zope installers/pacakers/etc. can do other things as they please.

On the other hand: it would be nice if there is a "standard"-layout
when people would like to build zope "in-place". That would make it
easier to document, and would make the life of sysadmin's running Zope
on more than one platform much easier.

About Scons: I never heard of it before, but it's not suitable for my
task. I want to create something that can easily interact with FreeBSD
ports, and what has Python2 support, and is more stable than 0.14 alpha
which is written in Python 1.5.2

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