I think the default Zope install should not have dependencies other
than that Python is required and the user has some shell system
(bash/sh/MS batchfiles).

... and aap apparently ;)

I'm thinking that ZC needs a more capable make replacement. That isn't quite the topic of this thread, but Aap (eg.) would be cool already if it was just used by ZC to manage their checkout/builds, and was available as option for outsiders to use. The releases needn't have a new dependency.

It's based on the winning design for software construction tools (ie. "make" replacement) in the Software Carpentry contest

Yes, like Roundup :)

It's certainly been around for longer than aap :)

I'd bet that Bram has been brooding on Aap for a long time, and he certainly has masses of experience managing complex build environments, with Vim compiling on about a million architectures with or without myriads of compilation options, language bindings, GUI toolkits, etc.

, and is more stable than 0.14 alpha

I note with a grin that up until this month aap was at release 0.150 :)

That's the hundred and fiftieth release, ne :)

Jean Jordaan (using WindowMaker 0.80.2)

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