this is low-priority for Zope Corporation while we dig out of customer
work, but will likely become higher priority very soon a we have at
least one customer moving towards 2.7.  In the meantime, it's a
"volunteer effort".

Okey doke, that tells me Plone 1.1 will probably get there first then :)

If you're willing and able to collaborate on installer stuff, please
let me know, as I have already automated a buildout and packaging
process for Zope 2.7+ both for RPM-based systems and for Windows via
Innosetup.  I can check the Windows stuff into a public repository if
you're interested.

I've already got an automated setup for Plone and I had one for Zope 3 (im sure its somewhere), I was doing one for Zope 2.7. Partly to take the pressure of Zope Corp., I know the 2.6.x windows installer and releases is a pain - partly to do a rather fatter bigger value added installer :)
Andy McKay

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