[Paul Winkler]
>> Maybe. I'd really like to run with python 2.2. What is involved in
>> the "rigorous analysis"? Is there a plan I could follow?

[Shane Hathaway]
> We need to follow the same process we used to move to Python 2.1.
> This time it should be simpler, though.  We first need to produce a
> migration assessment, similar to this one:
> Basically, for each significant change made to Python, we need to
> evaluate its impact on Zope.  Simply putting up a wiki page listing
> all changes between Python 2.1 and 2.2 would be a good start.  If you
> want to, you could even include changes up to 2.3, so we don't have
> to do this work again to support Python 2.3.

I'd actually recommend skipping 2.2 and going straight to 2.3 -- 2.3 is
basically 2.2 + 16 months of bugfixes and speedups, a very solid release.
It will create more problems for Zope because 2.3 starts complaining about
more deprecated practices that 2.2.3 still lets slide, but they should be
minor problems at worst.  There are deeper benefits too.  For example, the
experimental ZODB3 3.3 alpha release requires Python 2.3; because of a
new-style class bug that still exists in Python 2.2.3, it's not at all
trivial to get ZODB 3.3 to work with Python 2.2.3.  I'd dearly love to skip
that pointlessly time-consuming exercise.

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