After reading this paragraph for the third time I realized you have a very good point here.


<quote by="Evan Simpson">
"Relative" in this context refers to the concept of a "relative path" as used in rfc1808, not to a relationship with a Zope object. It is meant for use in situations such as redirection to a secure page from an insecure one (eg. '' + target.absolute_url(1)) where you would otherwise have to generate the complete URL and then break it apart.

So, what do we want "relative" to mean for absolute_url?


On Mittwoch, Dez 3, 2003, at 20:14 Europe/Vienna, Dieter Maurer wrote:

  When you accept that "absolute_url(1)" should come near
  to the notion of server relative absolute URL, then
  it *must* return an URL with respect to the currently
  active site root. Otherwise, the browser using this URL
  will interpret it wrongly. It may still work due to acquisition,
  but this is more by accident.
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