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Stefan H. Holek wrote:
absolute_url(1) was broken (by my definition of broken) basically since the introduction of VHM, which means the better part of 2 years. Naturally, there is code now that relies on this (broken) behavior. This does however not mean it should not be fixed!

AFAICT 'inside-out' hosting was used long before the introduction of VHM. Using your definition of broken absolute_url(1) was broken since the introduction of CGI scripts, which means longer than Zope has its current name.

The idiom '/'+absolute_url(1) to get the path part of an object's URL is *very* common, and as luck will have it *works absolutely fine* as long as inside-out hosting is not present. So this error usually goes undetected and creeps all over people's code. I'd be willing to bet that it is possible to break other packages like, say, Plone simply by changing Vhost configs as well ;-).

Note that this is one of my main points: It will be of little use to document usage of BASEPATH1+absolute_url(1) when '/'+absolute_url(1) appears to work (until it is far too late).

I can see why you think the API should be changed. But do you really think it is the Right Thing to break existing products of people who read the API documentation and tested their products carefully to fix the products of people who trusted their intuition?

Cheers, Yuppie

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