Hi all,
You'll have seen my message earlier in the month about the above. Well, we figured it out.

To cut a long story short, we had a role called 'SYS' in the folder. It was a real forehead slapping moment, with all the team looking around at each other with the unsaid thought of 'oops, that's *probably* not a good idea'. This was the same day that someone else in the team found out that using 'yield' as a variable is also not a good idea.

So, we deleted the role, and Bob's your uncle. Lots of smiles all around.

cheers for all the help,
Dr Tony McDonald, Asst Director, FMSC. 0191 246 4543
Project Manager, FDTL-4 ePortfolios http://www.eportfolios.ac.uk/

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