Shane Hathaway wrote:

I think it would be pretty neat. :-)

And YET ANOTHER thing the poor Zope user has to learn when they start:

(this thing)

...and that's assuming (this thing) totally replaces DTMhelL, which you and i both know it won't :-(

Still, maybe a TALES-in-plain-text thing has some merits, but then you want defines, a repeats, and you end up with TAL.

Repeats wouldn't make sense in this language.

Yeah they would, every language needs repeats in the end...

Conditions would, but they would apply to the whole rule, not individual attributes.

Ah, okay, I think building something purely for CSS would REALLY suck.

Something which could generically build SQL, CSS, Emails I would be less lielyl to vomit about...

p {
  color: %(color)s;
  background-color: %(bgcolor)s;
preferences = context.getProperty('preferences',{})
dict = {
return template % dict

That's a mess.

So persuade the Python guys to make string interpolation as powerful as you need it to be ;-)


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