Chris McDonough wrote:

It looks like in the Zope 2 trunk, there are only a very few places that
rely on "import Zope" or "from Zope import".

It looks like it would be possible to change the name of the "Zope"
package in Zope 2 to "zope2" or something without a tremendous amount of
work.  And as long as a module alias was created to alias that to
"Zope", 3rd party products would continue to work.  This strategy would
only work if we didn't plan on supporting systems where PYTHONCASEOK
(see python -h) was set to be case-ignoring (are there any?).

One potentially nasty problem is that the Zope 2 bootstrap code lives
inside the Zope package within Zope.Setup, and some 3rd-party utilities
(like the Plone Controller and many 3rd party tests that don't use the
testrunner/ framework) rely on being able to "import Zope". Renaming the package pushes the responsibility for knowing about the
name change out to those utilities (because there's really just nowhere
to insert a module alias shim before they attempt to "import Zope"). Considering the pain that I know would be involved with doing a "zope"
-> "zope3" rename, however, this might be an acceptable breakage (except
of course to those whose code it breaks, so they should speak up).

On Tue, 2004-04-13 at 10:40, Jim Fulton wrote:


Of course, having two packages with names differing only in case is a
bit ugly.

Do we want to consider renaming one or both of these packages
to avoid the conflict?

-1 to renaming 'Zope'; the amount of third-party code which we would break is incalculable. -0 to renaming 'zope' to 'z3', or something; at least third party code for Zope3 was built in the test-driven culture, and has at least some chance of migrating cleanly with confidence.

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