On 04/14/04 12:27, yuppie wrote:
Jim Fulton wrote:
But I think that this is a big problem. Backward compatibility for Z2 *is*
important. It's too bad that lots of test files have to import Zope. Sigh.

Why is that a *big* problem?

- It's not nice to break tests, but that doesn't necessarily mean the products are broken.

- AFAICT many products need some polishing and a new release for Zope 2.8 anyway.

I'm with Yuppie. With fundamental changes occurring in ExtensionClass and ZODB, lots of products are going to need a small revision anyway. For example, we've already started changing "from ZODB import Persistent" to "from Persistence import Persistent" everywhere. The majority of products that need to import Zope will just change from:

from Zope import app


    from zope2 import app
  except ImportError:
    # Pre-Zope 2.8
    from Zope import app

I think it's cool that Python makes that so easy to do.


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