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> Does Mailman have a "nomail" facility that subscribers could set
> /themselves/ on secondary accounts?

There are different versions of Mailman (of course), but at least recent
ones offer this.  If you go to your personal list subscription page on the
web, a checkbox to suspend delivery is the first of the listed checkbox
options.  That seems a reasonable workaround to me.

As to why this comes up, I expect my own case is typical:  I have 6 POP3
accounts with various providers.  I can retrieve email from all of them when
logged in with any of the providers, but SMTP access (for sending email) is
often limited to the specific account I'm logged into.  For example, I
cannot use my Zope Corp SMTP account, or my Comcast SMTP account, when
logged in to my MSN account from a dialup line in a hotel room.  It doesn't
matter whose "fault" that is (although I suspect it's MSN's ...), it's just
the fact of the matter.  I don't have dialup facilities thru Zope Corp or
Comcast, so when I'm on the road and restricted to dialup access, I send
mail via MSN or Hotmail, or not at all.  I'm told that posting from my
Hotmail account doesn't project a professional image <wink>.

The same kind of thing happens on the one list I admin where non-member
posts are held for review (this is the PSF Board mailing list, where
non-member posts can be legitimate, e.g. a company asking about becoming a
PSF sponsor).  There are fewer than a dozen members on that list, and the
legit traffic is usually light, so accommodating two or ten email addresses
per member was a finite task there.
> In gentler times, your concern would be wonderful - in the current
> climate, you'll drown if you can't automate it. Save yourself, while you
> can!
> ;-)

If there's spam on Zope's mailing lists, I never see it(*), so my only stake
in this is in a list-admin capacity.  

(*) I never see it because I started this project -- and it works <wink>:


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