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Given that the change was required to implement a security fix, and without a reproducible test case for the reported breakage, I don't think we can credit the rumors. We *definitely* don't want to defer the security fix.

I still don't know what the security fix actually fixes, but that may well be my ignorance ;-). Your checkin message just mentions the removal of DWIMy code...

There is a test in CMFDefault of CMF-1_4-branch that works in 2.7.2 but breaks in 2_7-branch, btw. I had no luck reproducing anything like it with plain Zope yet, unfortunately. Let me reiterate that many a Plone site will likely break with 2.7.3, something I am not exactly looking forward to.

A clear description of the issue would certainly help, so people can at least scan their sources for the "things that worked fine but no longer do". E.g. consistently using getToolByName instead of relying on acquisition appears to go a long way. There are pathological cases though, like when restrictedTraverse fails due to the new access control.


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