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Andreas Jung wrote:

how severe is the problem that you have fixed? According to some
rumors the fix seems to break applications. The question for Zope
2.7.3 final is: is the problem severe enough to have it fixed for
2.7.3 with the risk of causing trouble with broken applications or
can we defer the fix to Zope 2.8?


I have yet to get a reproducible test case (one which breaks on 2.7-head
but works on 2.7.2) from the examples folks have supplied.  The bug which
I was fixing is a security issue, reported against CMF, but also
affecting Zope:  http://zope.org/Collectors/CMF/259

Given that the change was required to implement a security fix, and
without a reproducible test case for the reported breakage, I don't think
we can credit the rumors.  We *definitely* don't want to defer the
security fix.

I will ask Jim to review this with me today.

I am not against the patch...I just need to know what the state of this issue is and what its
implications are for the final 2.7.3 release :-)

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