Tim Peters wrote:
get_transaction() is more troublesome than _just_ that, alas:  there
are about 160 instances of it across the stitched-in lib/python/zope,
and Products/Five, code.  This causes lots of new deprecation warnings
when running the tests.  These are easy to repair with 1-2 hours easy
editing work, but again Zope trunk doesn't own the lib/python/zope
code (where almost all of these appear).

Right, lib/python/zope is actually Zope X3.0.0, and we didn't expect we'd need to *update* Zope X3.0 in order for it to work with Zope 2.8. The new ZODB version is having some repercussions there. Zope X3.0 was released against an older version of ZODB. I'm really at a loss at what to do there. I can spend time trying to shut up Zope X3 I guess, if that is the only option... What is the recipe of changing get_transaction(), is this documented somewhere?

I don't think Five has much in the way of fundamental get_transaction(); there is one in browser.py and some in the test code.


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