Am Montag, den 25.04.2005, 16:37 -0400 schrieb Tim Peters:
> AFAIK, nobody looks at WinBuilders between releases.  It's
> traditionally been the job of whoever builds the Windows installer to
> sort out whatever troubles WinBuilders has gotten into since the last
> release.  Certainly most Linux contributors aren't even aware of
> WinBuilder's existence.

Which isn't actually a good idea I suppose. Relying on  a fragile
infrastructure to find out it doesn't work when you need it. Well...

> What exactly do you do to "run tests"?  This is exactly what I do:
> svn up
> python build_ext -i
> python -vv --all

I go to the build directory of the WinBuilders and run bin/

> The same two tests have been failing on Windows that way since last
> October, but all other tests pass.
> BTW, I don't have a guess about what your doctest complaint is. 
> Since, e.g., all the doctest-based tests _do_ pass from a checkout,
> hard to guess what you're saying there.  It's documented that, e.g.,
> relative paths passed to DocFileSuite must use '/' as the path
> separator, and AFAIK all the code that's checked in does do that.  I
> don't know of any other piece of doctest that cares about path
> separators.

Hmm. Then it might have only be the missing files. I just have a really
hard time trying to poke into that stuff and make it work. It just feels
like poking a hairy cat.

> Or in the case of WinBuilders, a few dozen buttons, shell scripts,
> makefiles, and tricks building on 1.6 gigabytes of Cygwin code <wink>.

Well. It's not that bad if it would work.

- bumping a version number
- run "WinBuilders/buildout zope"
- do "build/bin/"
- Upload the .exe file

> I suspect it's worse than just that.  When the two tests in collector
> 1728 started failing last October on Windows, I noted at the time that
> "FYI, on WinXP, Zope 2.8 appears to use localhost no matter what
> ip-address is set to in zope.conf".  No reason to suspect that got
> better, since the two failing tests that inspired that little
> investigation are still failing.

Looks like the pain we go through is really wanted. I hate it when the
estimated number of unknown cases (that appreciate the Windows
installers) is high.

> I just liked the contrast in those two lines <wink>.

Human contradictions. I'm happy with them. Kind of sanity test for
me. ;)


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