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> [Christian Theune]
> > I go to the build directory of the WinBuilders and run bin/
> 1. Is there a reason to _expect_ that to work?  The WinBuilders
>    README.txt doesn't claim that it should.  Would sure be nice
>    if it did work.

Dunno. I'm tapping in the dark there. That's the runner I use for ages
on Linux and it was around on the windows build. So I started using it
and it worked (for a while).

> 2. Which Python do you use to run bin\  I hope you're using
>    bin\python.exe for that attempt anyway.

The one refers to. (Yep, still tapping around blindly.)

> 3. How did you get that far?  When I change a current WinBuilders
>    checkout to point at Zope-2.8.0-b1.tgz, doing:

> Which version of WinBuilders are you using?  (I used current CVS HEAD)

A local version that already contains the fixes described by you. The
box I use it on isn't configured to be able to talk to the Zope CVS/SVN
so I wanted to make this work and then put it back to the repository.

> It is that simple for a given release, _after_ the kinks specific to
> that release have been worked out.  But it can't stay that simple
> across releases because we massively rearrange code for the Windows
> release, trying to make a single directory under which everything on
> Earth lives (alll of Zope, our own Python, our own pywin32
> extensions).  The way that's stitched together requires sorting out
> all the messy interactions among a large pile of shell scripts,
> makefiles, and tricks, so you get sucked into all of that stuff when
> anything "new" happens.  Like ZClasses growing important .txt, and
> even .fs, files, since the last release.

... which is why I intended to start putting the WinBuilders under the
Zope tree for versioning, so It's always around in the correct
(historic) version.

> However, I don't think this _specific_ one is WinBuilder's fault. 
> When I look at Zope 2.8's, I see that nothing has been added
> here:

I thought so. But I'm not comfortable with prepping the
unfortunately and some tries didn't work out, so I dropped it.

> to record that ZClasses (or at least its tests) now requires some .txt
> and .fs files.  That WinBuilders didn't copy those files to the build
> tree appears to be just a consequence of that " install"
> doesn't know anything about these new files (WinBuilders does an
> "install" to get the appropriate files copied from its src/ directory
> to its build/ directory).  If so, that's an all-platform bug in Zope
> trunk's, but one that isn't visible in daily checkout
> testing.

Feels like that. That's why I'm running the tests from the result of the

> BTW, it's also traditional that the person building the Windows
> installer find and fix the new bugs in Zope's <wink>.

Great. I didn't read that job description well enough.


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