Andreas Jung wrote:

-1. Such changes are not much acceptable *now*. 2.b2 will be released
 this week and 2.8 final in about two weeks. Such changes should have
been proposed during alpha phase...but I am against such change in
this late release phase.

That's a good point. Let's amend the plan and say we start executing this *after* Zope 2.8, possibly for Zope 2.9. I hope we can make that release cycle relatively short anyway, and driven by Five changes; this would be a good example of such. Jim may have bigger plans for deeper Zope 3 integration (such as merging the security system), but if that is going to take time then we could defer that until Zope 2.10.

This way, all the work that remains for me is to merge in Five 1.0 into Zope 2.8.



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