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On Fri, 2005-06-17 at 15:54 +0200, Andreas Jung wrote:
 - the trunk is no longer a development area. Developments must happen
 on  branches and will be merged into the trunk as soon as the stuff is
stable.  I won't be acceptable to have half-baked stuff in the trunk.
This will hold  up the release schedule.

Is this a commonly-known thing?  I mean, it's fine with me, but I just
had no idea.  If it's true, I will try to help "enforce" it when I see
checkins that violate it.

This should be the goal when we would switch. Imagine some use the trunk to implement some very cool feature but it will not get finished in time or has lots of outstanding bugs. When switching to a time-based schedule it would be a lot of work to remove this stuff from the trunk which possibly could break other stuff. Ok, most people already develop on branches and merge their stuff when it is finished. I also have no problems with short-time and isolated developments on the trunk but as soon as a developments affects multiple parts of the core it should be made on a branch only be merged after a review or only when the developer is 110% sure about his work. This means that the trunk should in theory always in a state where we could cut a release from...


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